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THE BEST OF 2018 Bluetooth Hearing Aids

The year 2017 has been rich in novelties in the hearing aids sector, more discreet, more connected, with even more autonomy, brands are constantly innovating to allow you to enjoy life to the fullest. That’s why today we offer you a small sample of hearing aids that have been the most requested in store by hearing aid patients in recent months and for all budgets.

Find a perfectly natural voice with the pure Siemens 7Nx hearing solution!

Equipped with the latest OVPTM voice recognition technology, this high-end audio solution from the German brand will offer you great listening comfort. Your voice will be heard like never before.

Why does pure Siemens 7Nx please?

The voice of the user benefits from advanced and sophisticated treatment, it is treated in a unique way. It is perfect thanks to the removal of all elements that can be harmful, the voice reconstruction becomes unique.

The pure Siemens 7Nx Bluetooth Hearing Aids provides a particularly precise, clear and fluid voice, which makes it easy for the user to adapt and acclimatize, and this is the main reason for his success. Binaural hearing (in both ears) is permanent without additional manipulation, it ensures you do not miss anything, and especially to enjoy all the important moments for you.

Which user profile for the pure Siemens 7 Nx Bluetooth Hearing Aids

It is intended primarily for people with moderate or severe hearing needs, who are looking for a simple, fast adaptation, while benefiting from the natural voice.

-The Audeo B70-R the rechargeable solution of Phonak very practical!

The hearing aid Audeo B70-R released several months ago now allows the user to enjoy a superb autonomy of 24 hours under normal conditions of use. The Lithium-Ion battery is manufactured to last about 4 years, a real performance in the field of hearing where the batteries that are the majority last only about ten days.

Audeo Bluetooth Hearing Aids with ultra-fast rechargeable battery!

A Lithium-Ion battery is the first time a hearing aid has become a part of the hearing aid market. This greatly changes the lives of people who no longer have to think about regularly buying batteries or always have them on hand to avoid breaking down. The user simply enjoys his day is much simpler …

Extra positive effect, you realize savings of batteries in the medium term and in addition you make an ecological gesture.

A Phonak Charger “charging box” + power pack very powerful!

This Audeo B70-R hearing aid has an accessory with impressive charging performance! Indeed, with a simple charge of only 3 hours, you can fully enjoy 24 hours of autonomy, a real first in terms of speed. In case of need, the power pack will give you up to 7 days of battery life, so it is impossible to break down!

Extra bonus, at the same time to load it cleans by removing the humidity, that ask for more you save time and the life of the devices is found improved.

A Phonak rechargeable hearing solution for what kind of user?

Perfect for people who are very mobile in their life and who are looking for a hearing aid with a very good autonomy and a listened to quality.

-The Starkey Muse 1600, good hearing quality at a reduced price

The essentials of hearing with this Starkey hearing solution at an affordable price. A small hearing aid miniaturized with a good quality of listening. With its built-in Anti-Larsen system, you will get a clear and pleasant listening in any sound environment encountered.

A small but powerful hearing solution!

The entry-level hearing instrument Starkey Muse 1600 has 16 settings channels that can effectively meet your hearing needs, listening is quality. The resistant shell, light and discreet ensures a smooth adaptation … A hearing solution with excellent value for money!

Compatible with many Starkey accessories to perfect your hearing

Enjoy voice and lyrics with the Acuity Voice so you can hear more easily and participate in any discussion. With SurfLink’s Bluetooth, you’ll be able to take phone calls right away in your hearing aids to make your day-to-day life easier.

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