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Classic bottle opener, bottle opener lever, corkscrew, bottle opener, lemonade … With all the models that can be found on store shelves, on the shelves and online, we are quickly lost (e). Yet, it is a chance to have a wide range at your fingertips, as long as you choose the right model! Find out more about what differentiates these bottle opener, their use, the best brands and their cost to make the right choice. The bottle opener includes several types of utensils used to open different bottles, daily or for special occasions. From simple bottle opener to rechargeable electric corkscrew, styles and features abound.

The models of manual bottle openers
The manual bottle opener comes in several models: the bottle opener, the classic corkscrew and the lever corkscrew. The invention of the bottle opener, in 1891, is related to that of the closure process by capsule (it was necessary a means to remove the capsule).

Regarding the corkscrew, it appeared in the eighteenth century. It originates from the spin barrel, a tool designed to eject a bullet from the barrel of a firearm. The fabrications followed one another and the models never stopped evolving. Moreover, between the middle of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, no fewer than 300 corkscrew patents were filed.

The use of each bottle opener varies depending on mounting and features. Some may require more effort than others. Their cost obviously varies according to that, but also, depending on the quality, the brand and the design of each model.

The bottle opener in stainless steel and plastic
Stainless steel is probably the material that makes up the majority of bottle openers. Some bottle openers are made entirely of stainless steel while others have a plastic handle (or other materials). This is a pretty simple and handy model to easily decap all your bottles. You can have one for less than 10 euros. The other advantage of this model is that it stores very easily. It will occupy a minimum of space in the drawer of your closet.

The classic corkscrew
This is the basic model of the corkscrew. It is in the form of a worm connected to a handle. The latter is usually made of wood or steel. Easy to use, the classic corkscrew helps you to extract the cork in a straight way. It costs around 3 euros. Warning: Dishwasher cleaning is forbidden for models made of wood. They wash by hand with warm water and must be wiped immediately. This applies to both the classic corkscrew and other more complex bottle opener.

Lever corkscrew: ideal for opening several bottles
This model is much more elaborate compared to the two previous ones. As it has a rack and unclogging is almost effortless. This is the reason why this is the ideal model if you have many bottles to open. If you find it difficult to extract the cork from your wine bottle with the classic corkscrew, be sure the lever model is the one you need. The cost of this type of bottle opener varies by brand and additional features. Nevertheless, you can get one of good quality for thirty euros.

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