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electric frying pan

electric frying pan is the perfect device for healthy cooking, prepare tasty home-cooked meals.
only a few minutes.The ultra-strong base allows even heat distribution for quick cooking
with less energy. The electric skillet is ideal for cooking breakfast, cooking eggs, pancakes,
bacon, potatoes – the possibilities are endless!

The electric frying pan is equipped with insulating handles that remain cool to the touch and a temperature control
removable to easily move from the kitchen to the dining room. Impress your family and friends by
serving them your favorite recipes directly into the electric frying pan.

Rock.Tec’s patented surface treatment offers a nonstick performance that is three times more durable than
traditional cooking utensils, so you can enjoy your meal without worrying about cleaning.

Non-stick cooking surface, easy to clean
Cooks food quickly with less energy
Removable and adjustable temperature control
Cooking surface 30X30cm
Tempered glass lid
Insulating handles
Ultra-strong base
1200 Watts

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