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electric fence wire

The electric fence is essential

There has long been a consensus on the benefits of electric fencing. Although it brings some constraints specific to its use, has many advantages over barbed wire. The permanent side of the electric fence increases the economic advantage.

The advantages of the electric fence

Health: The electric fence is safe for humans and animals because all energizers must be certified. There is a lot more health risk with barbed wire. Unlike barbed wire, the electric does not cause direct injury.

To avoid stray animals: The fence is more efficient both to avoid animals to return than to go out.

Of use: it is much easier to install (in temporary as permanent) and easier to repair.

To monitor: an electric fence can be monitored with alarm boxes unlike a barbed fence. This avoids accidents (animals caught in the wires and panicking)

Energy consumption: a well-mounted electric fence consumes no more than a light bulb.

Economical: It takes about 4 times less stakes for an electric fence and almost half of son (2 to 3 rows instead of 4). The labor time for laying is much lower and estimated between 40% and 60% less.

The disadvantages of electric fencing

A good land: the proper functioning of the fence depends mainly on the quality of the land and this can never be repeated enough

Good conductors: well-laid wires isolated from the ground, no typology mix, no “home” knots. It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the threads and to be very vigilant with the rust.

A good brushing: It is necessary to avoid leaks, there are plenty of possibilities or even to use an energizer to compensate for losses at the cost of consumption.

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