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You are a fan of spinners fidgets, but you are bored a little by yourself in your corner? The fidget spinner connected in Bluetooth arrives, with its mobile application where you can challenge other players.

A fidget spinner that whirls between your skillful fingers, why not. But if it also has Bluetooth connectivity, it’s even better, right? If you are a fan of these flat and colorful toys, be ready to welcome soon a new specimen to your collection, connected this one.

An Italian startup is preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the funds necessary for his connected fidget spinner to see the light of day. It bears the name of BlueSpin.

The object connects in Bluetooth to the smartphone, via a mobile application, on which users will be able to challenge the game of the one who will perform the best figures. The application has also been thought of as a social tool, and will allow its users to interact with their competitors as well as their friends.

“Thanks to the position sensor and touch buttons, BlueSpin is able to follow all the movements of your spinner and recognize the turns you make,” says the startup on its page Indiegogo.

This fidget spinner and its application are compatible with smartphones and tablets running iOS, Android and Windows. The crowdfunding campaign will be launched in July. Starting at $ 49, you can expect to get your own BlueSpin, assuming the project reaches its goal – currently tentatively set at $ 20,000

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