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best noise cancelling headphones under 100

Whatever type of music you listen to or your appetite for it, it is essential to enjoy it without being disturbed by the noise of its environment. In the metro or open space, our selection of active noise reduction headphones will be very useful!

How it works ?
To insulate well, it is not complicated: it is necessary to use a resistant material, thick and dense. However, in a helmet that is worn on the head and must be ergonomic (lightweight, easy to wear, etc.), things get complicated. To make the noise reduction active, it is enough to cancel the sound waves coming from the outside: one thus uses microphones which pick up the outside noises. Once these waves are captured, it is enough to “reverse” them to the ears of the wearer of the helmet. This opposite wave will meet the original noise wave, and both will cancel each other out. This sound wave is added to the music you are listening to, allowing you to hear only the music. Some helmets, like that of Parrot, allow to let certain sounds pass for more safety in the street (noise of engines, horns, etc.)

This guide gathers helmets between 100 and 400 euros, selected for the quality of their reduction of noises.

Bose QuietComfort 35, the obvious
Bose’s reputation for active noise reduction is well established, so the Bose Quietcomfort fits naturally at the top of this guide. This circum-aural helmet is made to easily adapt to any morphology with its stretchable, torsion-resistant torso and its ear cups that can fold to the hoop and rotate flat. Rather compact and with a very light weight, you will easily forget that you wear it.

Directly on the headsets, you can access the controls to manage your music and take calls. The headset can last up to 20 hours in autonomy: a voice indicator is available to inform about the status of the battery or report an incoming call. A mobile application, the Bose Connect (iOS / Android) is available to set the headset. Its sound quality is not perfect, but the rendering remains very balanced.

Sony WF-1000XM2, the very good alternative
The Sony WF-1000XM2, big competitor of the Bose QC35, has a simple design, but with high-end finishes. This rather light ear-level headset has an adjustable headband and ear cups that can be rotated flat and toward the inside of the helmet.

With touch controls, you can manage listening, take calls, manage noise reduction, and more. It is illustrated with a feature that allows you to stop the sound of the headphones and activate the external pickups to chat quietly and resume his music then in a jiffy, and its ambient sound that can take during the listen to become aware of all the background noise outside or amplify the voices. It delivers a rich and detailed sound with impressive noise reduction and a battery life of about 30 hours.

Small novelty compared to its predecessor, the MDR-1000X has a dedicated mobile application “Headphones Connect” compatible with iOS and Android that can manage several options.

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